Albion has developed a new, patented form of calcium called DimaCal®—designed to give manufacturers of dietary supplements a better alternative to calcium carbonate and other calcium salt forms. As the name implies, DimaCal is comprised of 2 moles of calcium attached to one mole of malic acid. The DimaCal patent covers its unique composition and method of administration.

It is Kosher-Parve, Halal, GMO-free, hypoallergenic, BSE free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

As a naturally occurring organic compound, malic acid is found in apples, watermelon, plums, lychees, and cherries in high concentration. It is more soluble than citric acid and forms metal compounds that are low in hygroscopicity, allowing for easier storage and increased shelf life. 

While most other calcium forms have a much lower elemental calcium content, DimaCal is 29% elemental. And with 64% malic acid w/w, DimaCal also supports the Krebs and glyoxalate energy producing cycles. Additional factors such as bioavailability and gastric tolerance should be evaluated when comparing DimaCal to calcium carbonate.

In vitro studies show that, unlike calcium carbonate and other alkali calcium forms, DimaCal does not cause the formation of gas when subjected to stomach acid. With malic acid acting as a natural buffering agent, Dimacal does not give rise to the acid rebound normally seen with other calcium forms. Watch the video for details.

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