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Quality Statement

Albion® is dedicated to the quality concerns of our customers, and we are committed to providing information on items of importance to you. We make the following statements in regards to our products:

    1. Albion products do not contain:
      • mollusks
      • lupines
      • gluten
      • celery
      • mustard

    2. Albion's products conform to ICH/283/95 regulations relative to residual solvents.

    3. Albion has not used irradiation on our products and does not plan on irradiating products in the future.

    4. Albion has not used ETO treatment on our products and does not plan on using ETO on products in the future.

    5. Albion's spray dried product manufacturing process conforms to HACCP regulations.

    6. In relation to FDA Import Alert #99-29, Albion certifies the following:
      • All rice flour used in Albion products is US domestic in origin.
      • No other proteins listed in the FDA alert are used in Albion products.
      • With the exception of L-aspartic and L-lysine HCl, the amino acids used in Albion products are not Chinese in origin. When L-aspartic and L-lysine HCl are sourced from China, they are certified to be melamine free by the manufacturer.

    7. Albion's human products are identity preserved (IP) and have not been genetically modified. In order to ensure that our human products are IP, we have incorporated the following procedures:
      • Our purchasing department contracts with manufacturers and suppliers who can provide products that are IP.
      • When IP raw materials are received, IP documentation is received. IP documentation includes a signed certificate of origin. Approved IP raw materials are segregated from non-IP approved raw materials.
      • In cases where IP documentation is not available, raw materials are PCR tested for GMO content. This raw material testing is performed annually.
      • Identity preserved finished products are packaged and segregated from regular products.
      • All documents verifying compliance with these procedures are on file and available for review.

    8. Albion certifies that none of the products or ingredients supplied by or sold by Albion contain any prohibited animal proteins restricted by the FDA under Regulation 21 CFR § 589.2000.

    9. Albion further certifies that safety measures are in place to ensure that contamination by any prohibited animal proteins does not take place during processing, storage, and shipment of its products.

    10. All granulated products, all multi-mineral blends, and spray dried products that do not contain iron or manganese are passed through a metal detection system during packaging operations. Due to metal detection interferences, spray dried products containing iron or manganese are passed through a 40 micron screen at the final stage of the production process to remove any metal that may be present. Procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of the screen before and after each batch.

Balchem acquired Albion.