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For 57 years, Albion has been the leading global supplier of chelated minerals. Through our decades of research, acquisition of 130 patents, and results from 70 human clinical trials, we’ve converted this extensive body of scientific knowledge into a six-stage process for building chelated minerals that are not only more effective but also safer, easier to absorb, and gentle on the stomach.*

Long recognized as the world's premier supplier of patented mineral amino acid chelates, Albion has been granted more than one hundred patents in the field of mineral nutrition worldwide. Almost all published research on mineral amino acid chelates has been done on Albion mineral chelates. Albion scientists have authored textbooks, conducted and published research, and addressed distinguished scientific congresses throughout the world on the benefits of nutritionally functional mineral amino acid chelates.

Albion’s Human Division mission is to contribute to health through mineral nutrition. We are constantly working to develop a deeper understanding of both the superior mineral form and its application to real human conditions in both the structure and function of the human body.

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