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Q. I would like to import your products for use in our formulations. Do you have a distributor in my location?

A. Albion sells raw materials direct to our customers in the EU and through distributors in certain countries worldwide. For more information, please submit a Request for Pricing indicating your country and supply requirements.


Q. I need specific information to register or export products containing Albion minerals.

A. Albion is happy to assist with information in this regard. Please contact your Albion representative or submit a General Inquiry detailing your needs in cases where the information is not available on this website.

Some frequently requested information follows:

  • Country of origin: Albion products are manufactured in the United States of America.
  • Kosher/Halal Certificate: You may review Kosher, Halal, and other certifications under the Quality tab.
  • Manufacturer: Albion products for human nutrition are manufactured at our production facility, Albion Manufacturing Technologies, located in Ogden, Utah.


Q. What is the origin of the amino acids used in your products—are they animal or plant based?

A. Albion minerals are vegan. Read our Quality Statement for further information on the origin of our ingredients.


Q. I need technical documents for products that we have purchased from you.

A. Product data sheets, material safety data sheets, and lot-specific certificates of analysis ship with every order. If these documents did not make it through channels to your location, you may request duplicates by submitting a Document Request.


Q. I would like to make Albion minerals available at my clinic to patients. Can I set up an account with Albion?

A. As a raw materials manufacturer, Albion does not make a finished product that can be prescribed to your patients. However, we are happy to provide contact information for certain Albion customers who do manufacture finished products under our Gold Medallion Program.


Q. Where can I find pricing information?

A. Please submit a Request for Pricing found under the "Contact Us" tab.


Q. I would like to start my own private label using Albion minerals and am looking for a contract manufacturer.

A. To begin the process of including Albion minerals in your formulations, please submit a Request for Pricing. Your Albion representative will review the information provided and contact you to discuss your products.


Q. I need product samples.

A. Samples of regularly stocked Albion products are available to the nutrition industry for commercial formulation and evaluation. Please submit a Request for Pricing and select "Yes" next to the Samples Requested field.

NOTE: As a raw materials supplier, Albion cannot provide samples to consumers.


Q. I would like to access your SIDI site.

A. Albion's Supplement Information for Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) is maintained solely for the benefit and convenience of Albion customers. Please register at AlbionSIDI.com or contact your Albion representative for more information.