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Customer Loyalty Program

Gold Medallion logo. Albion® has two loyalty programs for customers that include some unique and generous benefits, including product discounts. By using the allowed Albion trademarks on your labels and promotional material (as well as links on your website) prospective customers will already know you are using quality, science-backed and verified mineral forms. If your business depends on smart, supplement-savvy customers, your company will benefit from identification with Albion products; these customers will get the information they seek and the assurance they desire that tells them they are getting quality verified organic mineral chelates.
Through extensive consumer advertising, customers will be going to the web as well as brick and mortar shops looking for supplements displaying the Albion Human Nutrition marks. This can be an awesome boost to your bottom line. See our consumer website ( listed in national consumer publications. Albion also runs full page, full color ads in professional journals like Alternative Therapy, Nutritional Outlook, Townsend Letter, NP Insider, and many online newsletters.

Albion’s mineral chelates are arguably the most recognized and trusted brand in the nutritional mineral industry.

Preferred Customer Program Benefits

  • Receive a 10% invoice discount on all purchases (once a licensing agreement is in place for the use of Albion’s intellectual property).
  • Receive a $100 label contribution per product toward set-up costs in the form of a credit.
  • Qualify to receive special inventory product offers.
  • Advertising by Albion in major national magazines educating consumers about Albion products and raising awareness of Albion brand marks on the labels.
  • Consumer awareness programs centered around a strong web presence:
  • Consumer awareness program on that features your logo with an active web link.
  • Through a licensing agreement, use of Albion branding trademarks such as: The Gold Medallion seal, Ferrochel®, Creatine MagnaPower®,TRAACS®, Albion®, various Albion patent numbers for proprietary chelates, and the Albion company logo on labels and promotional material.

Gold Medallion Company Program Benefits
Through satisfying both the Gold Medallion Product criteria and the Gold Medallion Company criteria, your benefits are:

  • All of the Preferred Customer Program Benefits
  • A 15% invoice discount on all purchases
  • Credit terms of 45 days
  • Advertising by Albion in major national magazines educating consumers about Albion products and raising awareness of Albion brand marks on the labels

Gold Medallion Product Criteria
For a product to qualify for Albion Gold Medallion Product status, all of the minerals in the product must be supplied by Albion, unless the formulation requires a mineral that Albion does not supply. For example, Albion does not supply strontium, so a product with strontium from another company could still be considered for Gold Medallion Product status. Gold Medallion Products may not use Albion mineral ingredients as mere window dressing, and must contain a substantial amount of an Albion mineral to qualify.

A Gold Medallion Product formulation tells the customer that the minerals are verified organic amino acid chelates or organic acid mineral complexes, provided by Albion. While Albion does not evaluate any product or formulation to certify its quality, safety, or efficacy, and we do not control customer labeling or product manufacturing, Gold Medallion Products should be well formulated, and make good nutritional sense. Our customers process, capsulate, and package product using their own unique facilities.

Gold Medallion Company
Albion may grant the Gold Medallion Company designation to those companies offering a complete selection of products containing Albion minerals including:

- Multiminerals
- Multivitamin and mineral combination
- A complete single mineral product range
- Popular combinations (such as a calcium/magnesium formulation)

The Gold Medallion Program and the Preferred Customer Program both require the qualifying company to sign and adhere to Albion’s Trademark and Patent Licensing Agreement (TPLA). A Gold Medallion Company must meet product requirements as well as company requirements before they get all the benefits of using the Gold Medallion trademark on their product labels. Albion’s grant of a Gold Medallion status for products and companies is important to Albion Human Nutrition and is subject to Albion’s sole discretion.