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Dietary Supplements and Food Fortification

Albion® Human Nutrition works with companies around the world on food fortification projects to target staple foods. While minerals often taste bad, have poor bioavailability, and speed up the decay of foods, Albion chelates have been extensively tested and shown to not affect oxidation and contribute minimal taste (excellent organoleptic properties). Clinical studies with Albion's flagship product, Ferrochel® (ferrous bisglycinate - iron amino acid chelate) have shown Ferrochel improves hemoglobin and ferritin indices at lower dosages than ferrous sulfate or ferrous ascorbate; lower dosages mean fewer side effects and no interactions with other nutrients. One such study at the Latin American Center for Nutrition and Metabolic Studies in Antigua, Guatemala, found infants with iron-deficiency anemia given Ferrochel had significant increases in both hemoglobin and plasma ferritin; researchers concluded it was the "iron of choice" for its high bioavailability and good regulation (Nutrition, 17, 5:381-4, 2001).

Remarkable Results. Fieldwork with Albion's chelated mineral-fortified foods has shown remarkable results. Albion developed technology to put iron, copper, and zinc into milk at a cost of approximately 3/10 of a cent per liter. Field tests were conducted in Brazil with anemic school children; children receiving a liter of Ferrochel-fortified milk per day had normal hemoglobin levels within seven months. The low dosage and exceptional results led the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil to mandate milk fortification with Ferrochel.

Other fortification programs have included rice fortification in China, bread and milk in Saudi Arabia, margarine in Latin America and cookies in South Africa. Albion's programs target high carbohydrate, staple foods. These are the major foods available to low-income families, and it’s important that minerals used for fortification be highly bioavailable.

Albion has the right mineral form for your:

  • Nutritional Supplement Needs
             Dietary & Pharmaceutical
  • Fortification Needs
             Prepared Food
             Dairy Products
  • Nutraceutical Needs
  • Sports Nutrition Needs
  • Cosmeceuticals Needs

Amino Acid Chelates are Effective and Versatile. Companies making functional foods are turning to the more effective mineral forms to enhance nutrition delivery. Ferrochel and other Albion minerals have GRAS status; Ferrochel is also CAS and FCC listed. European deregulation has mandated new regulatory approval in the European Union and we are proud to have EFSA approved glycinate chelates. Besides the US corporate offices, Albion has affiliate offices worldwide, including South America, Western Europe, Central America, Scandinavia, Thailand, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

We have an in-house R&D department to assist you in the application or formulation of our minerals in your processes and supplements.

Albion Human Nutrition’s unique range of chelated minerals are:

  • Easily digested with highly effective absorption
  • Scientifically and clinically proven to be safe, predictable, and effective
  • Soluble and stable in acidic environments
  • Hypoallergenic, Kosher, Halal, and vegetarian with no GMOs
  • Gluten Free, BSE Free
  • EFSA Approved Forms